3 Month Unlimited

RM 350.00

Unlimited classes entry every month with 3 months contract of group workout sessions with trainers for HIIT, Body Conditioning, Body Toning, Tabata and Yoga as per schedule provided.


Benefits of this Package include:-

  • Members gets to enjoy unlimited numbers of classes monthly.
  • Members will commit to join more sessions.
  • Able to set a goal during the commitment duration.
  • Trainer will train with proper posture; types of workout and they will push members to train harder during sessions.


This Package is best for:-

  • Active individuals who like group workout sessions.
  • Individuals who want to have an active lifestyle but shy to do it alone.
  • Individuals who have goals in achieving their target weight/ body with workout but don’t know how to.
  • Individuals who like a familiar face while working out.
  • People who are motivated and committed to reach their body goals


Duration for this Class:-

45 Mins


Fitness Package Avance Plan Unlimited for 3 Months with monthly commitment RM350.00